"We're excited to hear the shoegazey quartet's catchy jams—"Heavy Light" sounds like the Psychedelic Furs, except more brooding (if that's even possible)." - Chicago Reader

"The band's sound has its root in late '80s and early '90s British fare, pulling bits and pieces from shoegaze and Britpop while slathering it with a healthy dose of post-millennial noise. Smears of noise dominate the mix but at the core of each song is the sort of perfect pop that would survive even if you stripped it down to a single instrument and a human voice, something most bands as addicted to the distortion pedal and pure volume can't claim to be true. It's intoxicating and their EP is filled to the brim with this delicious mix of noise wrapped around taut songwriting." - Chicagoist

 "I really love the vocals on ["Running Out of Face"]; they remind me in an odd way of David Bazan, if he took on something a bit different. There’s a huge world of guitars that wraps the vocals and carries them throughout the tune." - Austin Town Hall

“Hades Fades” has a foundation of rigid songwriting, elements of 80’s brit-pop in the realms of Psychedelic Furs or Jesus and Mary Chain, all coalesced by Dando-esque melodies and Red Red Meat tonality. Resulting in one of my favorite local releases of the year.’" - The Minimal Beat

"Surprisingly tight work for a newish band..." - New City

"...interwoven amongst the fuzz and Brit influences are pure pop songs, ones that Blake has been writing for two decades...One part wit and charm through well penned lyricism; two parts rock' one par Chicago hustle." - Moving in Stereo